About Us

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Mission Statement:

Diamonds in the Ruff is dedicated to improving the life of man’s best friend, the dog. By participating in Flyball, offering training classes, promoting responsible pet ownership, and engaging in community activities (including rescue events), the club demonstrates the true passion and dedication it holds for this sport and man’s best friend. Diamonds in the Ruff also promotes the sport of Flyball by setting an example of team spirit, cohesiveness, and fun at both practice and at tournaments for all participants.

We are a fun, enthusiastic group of people that love our dogs and the team sport of Flyball. The goals of our club revolve around the fitness, health and well-being of man’s best friend. Enthusiasm and a good sense of humour are the only pre-requisites! We have a lot of laughs both at practice and tournaments while enjoying the company of our best friends, the DOGS!

We advocate using positive reinforcement (reward-based training) to teach our dogs, meaning when they do work they are provided with a reward! This ensures that learning the sport is fun! Our training focuses on reinforcing the desired behaviours with verbal, food and play rewards. We do not use any form of punishment. Corrective collars (pinch and choke) cannot be used.

Our position on Breed Specific Legislation: Diamonds in the Ruff does not support any form of Breed Specific Legislation. Flyball is a dog sport that any dog and handler should be able to participate in. Breed Specific Legislation DOES NOT protect people from dog bites or dangerous dogs. Only responsible pet ownership and holding owners response for their dog’s actions will change the statistics.

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