We typically offer fall beginner classes (beginning in October until December) and winter intermediate classes (beginning January until March). Practices are held on Saturday mornings in the winter and Tuesday evenings in the spring and summer months. Spectators are always welcome!

If you are interested in attending a practice or would like to enroll in a class, please send us an email for more information.

How Classes Work

Puppies can begin attending classes once they are 8 weeks of age and have their 1st vaccinations. The exercises are adjusted to the puppies abilities.

We divide the group into smaller groups travel between stations.

Each station has a head instructor and an assistant to lead the exercise.

We base our instruction on training seminars attended by our head instructors, more than 10 years of experience in running Flyball, and a continual desire to improve our techniques and the way we teach.

 FAQ: When is a dog ready to race?

A: When a dog can consistently complete the Flyball run, pass team-mates, ignore other dogs in the other lane, is able to do an unassisted swimmers turn on the box, and are physically fit.

Dogs competing in Flyball competitions are sprinting 20 – 30 times/day over hurdles and need to be physically fit to do this. Not even the best human athletes in the world run so many races. The Flyball competitor should be viewed as an athlete meaning that they should be lean and physically fit. Picture the body of your favourite athlete – the canine athlete should look as athletic as the human athlete. Physically fit dogs will live LONGER too!!

For more information on our classes or to reserve your spot in our next class, please Contact Us!

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