Beginner Classes

Beginner Flyball Classes

The beginner Flyball class is designed for the novice. 

The goals of the Beginner Flyball class are:
  1. For the owners to have fun with their dog
  2. To strengthen the bond between owner and dog
  3. To learn the basic components of flyball
Basic components are taught separately to start!
  • using the motivator
  • retrieving
  • jumping
  • recalls
  • the Flyball box
  • the swimmers turn

At the end of the beginner class dogs have often mastered some or all of the components of flyball and have begun to put the run together. More importantly the dog and owner have enjoyed some fun together and have learned some new skills.

We attend seminars on Flyball on a regular basis to update our training techniques and to add more tools to our “toolbox”.

For more information on our classes or to reserve your spot in our next class, please Contact Us!

Owners wishing to compete in Flyball are encouraged to continue on in the Intermediate Flyball Class.