Intermediate Classes

 Intermediate Flyball Classes

The intermediate Flyball class is designed for the dog that has completed an introductory level Flyball class. This class focuses on:

  • Consistent completion of the run (over 4 jumps, hit the box, catch the ball and return over all 4 jumps)
  • Consistent completion of the swimmers turn on the box
  • Competition Preparation:
    • Passing other dogs
    • Distractions (running against dogs in the other lane, loose balls, etc.)
    • Improving speed

We recognize that not all dogs will progress at the same rate, so this class is tailored to meet the individual participants’ needs. In this session of classes, we will evaluate each element of the Flyball run to concentrate on areas that require improvement. Dogs are introduced to the existing team dogs in a controlled environment and passing skills are developed.

The goals of the Intermediate Flyball Class are:
  1. For the owners to have fun with their dog.
  2. To strengthen the bond between owner and dog.
  3. To complete the Flyball run consistently.
  4. To learn team skills.

After the components are learned, they are put together to form the run! And what fun that is!!